Solar powered fountain


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Solar powered fountain:

The Solar powered fountain is very easy to use because, all you have to do is, make the pump float on the water. When the solar panel gains sunlight it will run automaticaly. Within a couple of seconds the water will flow into the air! Because it is solar powered it doesn’t need any batteries or electricity, therefore it is very Eco Friendly and it saves a lot of money. Because there are 4 different attachements you can change the height and spray width to your own statisfaction.

With the highest attachement the water can rise up to 30-50 centimeters. You can use the Solar powered fontain for different things like: Bird baths, Fish tanks, Ponds, Pools, Water baths etc. For best efficienty make sure you put enough water in the fountain so the pump can stay entirely under water. Try to clean the pump on regular basis to avoid the pump getting blocked with dirt. The Solar powered fountain only works  when ALL panels are exposed to direct sunlight.

Turn up your garden with this fountain, it has a nice design to fit perfectly in your garden. The current fountain only comes in black, this is because the black color catches the heath of the sun in a minute. After installing your fountain it will work in a couple of minutes, you don’t have to wait for hours for it to start working.


  • Solar powered
  • Runs automatically
  • No battery
  • No electricity needed!
  • Easy to install
  • Easy reallocation
  • No plugs required
  • Easy cleaning
  • Small and compact
  • Multiple fountain heads

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  • Solar panel: 1W single crystal silicon
  • Maximum pump flow: 210L/h
  • Product weight: 200g
  • Maximum water height: 50cm
  • Product size: 13.5×3.8cm
  • Item type: Fountain

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